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A Little Introduction

Welcome to Bayanihan

We are a private, non-profit charitable organization with a commitment to enable and empower the Filipino people to become catalysts for positive change.

Our Cause

Phase 1

Social Awareness

- To educate and create awareness around topics impacting quality of life
- Implementing activities focusing social responsibilities

Phase 2

Bayanihan Center

- To create a safe space where people can engage with the community
- To have a hub of information where like minds come together
- To encourage people to participate in campaigns to uplift our city

Phase 1

Social Awareness




In dealing with our country's problem of misinformation, we want to battle fake news by creating awareness in our circle of influence and by educating the public about the real situation of the countless stories that reflect and impact our quality of life—to promote a safe space where people can amplify the truth, investigate and verify information to come to a clear understanding about the issues at hand allowing us to share ideas and create solutions.

As good citizens, it is important to acknowledge and embrace our roles and responsibilities in shaping a better future for our family, community, and our whole society. In all conscience, we should not hold back from standing up for the truth. In spite of fear, circumstance, position, or lack of power, we still carry the burden of confronting even when faced with possible conflicts--reversing a corrupt culture as we respond accordingly to the best of our abilities.​

And with our collective effort to carry out the Bayanihan movement, we set aside our differences, disregard personal or political agendas, and promote unbiased opinion in order to build our nation that will then lead to the progress and development of our cities.

    Phase 2

    Bayanihan Center

    Bayanihan Center is a venue where people can engage and become agents of transformation in their communities. We want to become a hub of information where anyone can learn and share ideas that build our nation, our culture, and our identity, and to encourage participation and collaboration with activities and campaigns to uplift our city.


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